Best Business and Life Coaches (2021)

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 26 October 2021

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From Surviving To Thriving:

Post-Covid business and life Coaches Are Emerging As Business Critical.

As Australia emerges blinking and confused into a post-lockdown world, many people are turning to best business and life coaches to rediscover hope and direction to fuel their personal and professional goals.

Businesses experience with COVID has fast-forwarded well-being from a nice to have to a key pillar of many organisations’ agendas as many seek to rebuild their revenues. Increasingly, wellbeing programs are business-critical for nurturing productivity as it ramps up and ensuring staff engagement and retention.

Wellbeing: What is it and why does it matter?

Wellbeing is typically defined as having five key dimensions: relationships, health, professional careers, finance, and neighbourhood networks. You could add recreation or fun and personal development to your list. In essence, well-being involves having sufficient essential factors to make life enjoyable.

As research shows, well-being can profoundly impact productivity, motivation and thus business profitability. Employees who are content with their quality of life demonstrate superior performance and greater job satisfaction.

Here are 5 of Australia’s very best business and life coaches:

1. Anthony Ikin

Best Business and Life Coaches

Anthony’s unique take on success coaching combines channeling joy and laughter with effective techniques to help you define your goals. Demonstrating wellness is not all about work, Anthony dedicates his Fridays to making a positive difference in the lives of people struggling to overcome peer pressure, sexuality or bullying.

Anthony understands the potential of fostering a mindset centered on hard work. Yet his fears and failures and how he adapted and learned to cope with them have enhanced his outlook on life. His philosophy of working through those tough times gives Anthony a unique perspective – creating the foundation for a world-class mindset open to anyone.

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2. Jade Green

Best Business and Life Coaches

Jade promotes ‘Happiness’ as the greatest productivity hack on the path to company profitability. For years Jade worked to encourage business leaders to tackle the world. So her infectious energy means she’s no stranger to helping people find their calling.

Her strategy is to focus on two areas: What roadblocks need to be removed? What can you do to inspire yourself and your team? The first step is to encourage people to re-examine their culture to ensure it welcomes team members at every level, to show up every day and do their best.

3. Julie Rice

Best Business and Life Coaches

If your burning desires are truly worth pursuing and doing something about, and you’re tired of feeling stuck and are ready to make a big change in your life – Julie has a wealth of experience to help you on your journey. She specialises in helping people overcome obstacles. Make the necessary changes they need to change their mindset and behaviour to effect the transformation they need to fulfil their true potential.

She is big on hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is a psychological tactic. It’s evidence-based knowledge of how we develop ingrained habits and behavioural patterns that are distilled into customised coaching programs. In turn, designed to help you make those life changes you find so challenging.

4. Geoff Kelly

Geoff is an executive coach, in-demand speaker, and writer and on the art of persuasion, leadership influence, and applying leadership communication to achieving business results. A frequent speaker at professional associations and national conferences, Geoff teaches strategic communication at a Masters level at LaTrobe University.

Before launching his coaching practice, Geoff worked for 4 of Australia’s largest corporations and ran a global professional services firm in Melbourne. Geoff’s driving focus is unlocking his clients potential. He firmly believes there is always more value we can reap in any situation.

5. Pam Usher

After an action-packed 25 years, first as a CEO, then as a coach and mentor nurturing a raft of different organisations and people throughout Australia. Pam has evolved and bench-tested techniques to ensure profitability is a key focus within a business. Ensuring the team is productive and engaged, and also who stay and grow with the company, are particularly crucial in a time of chronic skills shortages.

Driving an organisation’s revenue growth increase of 700% and profitability by 30% in a highly competitive commercial environment was one of many successes Pam has enjoyed.

Final Observation

So what can an organisation do to arrest talent churn and engage their employees’ wellbeing? How do you find the coach you need to remove those roadblocks to success? The answer could lie in embracing the post-pandemic shift from workplace centric to workforce centric!

By Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

Anthony Ikin is an Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach. His Achievements Include Aerobics World Champion, Moulin Rouge Can-Can and Danseur Soloist, So You Think You Can Dance’ Top 10 Performer, Associate Choreographer of the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony, a Jay Shetty Certified Coach, Graduate of Yale University Science of Well Being, Holds a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Was The Owner of Ikin Dance 2001-2018, Gymnastics Australia Athlete and Coach of the Year, and is the Owner of Global Dance Pro 2018-present.