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Anthony Ikin is a master at helping groups and individuals identify their unique definition of success. Through his dynamic coaching approach, he helps his clients develop an excitement and belief in themselves that transforms their lives. Anthony's boundless energy and unwavering positivity are contagious - his "yes" attitude to life inspires his clients to achieve even the loftiest goals. Whether you're looking for a career change, personal growth, or finding your true passion, Anthony is the coach to guide you through the process. With Anthony's help, you'll let go of fear and negativity, embrace your worth and potential, and start living the life of your dreams.


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Anthony Ikin is a Life Coach with a Difference

Anthony Ikin knows all too well the challenge of marching to the beat of your own drum. However, his warmth, insightfulness, infectious humour, and passion for life make his coaching style so compelling. When working with Anthony, clients feel immediately at ease, knowing they have a coach who truly understands and empathises with their journey. Anthony’s coach training with Jay Shetty and his experience in overcoming his challenges have equipped him with the expertise and transformative techniques necessary to help you unlock your full potential. If you’re looking for a life coach who will inspire and empower you every step of the way, look no further than Anthony Ikin.

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Coaching in Person or Online

Connect with the inspiration and motivation you need to take your success story to the next level no matter where you are in the world – Anthony makes it easy and convenient. Whether you prefer meeting in person or remotely over a video link, he brings his transformative coaching approach to you. With every personalised coaching package, you get a free 30-minute discovery session to get started. Join the tribe of thriving clients who have experienced Anthony’s coaching’s transformative power – sign up today.

I specialise in life coaching, confidence coaching, leadership coaching, performance coaching, relationship coaching (personal or professional), giving inspiration, improving happiness, and can even help with kicking a bad habit, anxiety or facing your fears. Why wait another day when help is a few clicks away? Get your FREE 30 minute consultation call today!

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Anthony Ikin

is an in-demand Global Speaker and a Life Coach working with clients ranging from big and small businesses to all kinds of individuals.
He has run a highly successful dance school Ikin Dance; he’s appeared as a competitor on the renowned National TV show; So You Think You Can Dance? and is a former World Aerobic Champion.
Anthony’s superpower is his ability to really connect with people, motivate them and help their confidence soar. He’s spent his life going after and achieving his own goals, and now Anthony is helping others achieve theirs too. He has the drive of an elite athlete, an Aussie “no worries” attitude and the energy, skill and experience to really move you.

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