The Olympian Mindset 🥇

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 29 June 2021

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I’ll admit it… I am Olympics obsessed!!! All week, I have been religiously watching the USA swimming and track and field trials – and absolutely loving every minute of it!

The Olympian Mindset

One word… Obsessed!

As I watch with a keen eye, I feel my heart racing as if I am in the race. I experience the highs and lows as I see the results unfold right before my eyes. I am more than a sports fan, but an Olympics obsessor! I’ve even co-ordinated my family’s next 2 week hotel quarantine stint in Australia around the Tokyo Olympics dates. Because the thought of a 2 week isolation whilst the Olympics is on is my idea of HEAVEN!

One of the loves of my life

What I love about the Olympics is parallel to what I love about life. It’s the unforeseen challenges, the competition, feelings of elatedness, belonging to a team, the focus, precision, respect and recognition… The odds of making an Olympic team are 0.0013% or 1 in 562,400 chances. It’s seemingly impossible to most, but ‘most’ is not where the dreams of Olympic Athletes success happen. Olympians don’t think like most people. I truly believe that the power of “The Olympian Mindset” is the unspoken training that many athletes miss – and therefore lose out on their dreams.

The Olympian Mindset

This type of mindset means that the Olympics are today, they’re tomorrow, they were last Monday, and they were last June. Because when you’re living in a world where everything you do today is going to affect you four years from now, three years from now, or whenever you see that gold medal around your neck, EVERY SECOND COUNTS.

For an athlete in pursuit of ultimate Olympic success, this type of mindset is GOLD.

What is an Olympian’s mindset?

So what is this Gold you ask?

What is an Olympian’s mindset?

🏅It’s the ability to learn and grow from your mistakes. To spend less time beating yourself up and to spend more time actioning how you will overcome them.

🏅An incredible drive and work ethic. A motivational drive that fulfills you to get up at the crack of dawn. To say no to the things in life that don’t benefit you and your dreams.

🏅To make choices that are right for your end result. To have a future vision that helps you navigate through your everyday life in order to live your ultimate life.

🏅Passion for what you’re doing!


🏅A great coach!

In sport, we rely on coaches to ensure better performance, but in life, we don’t. Why not? Why do we not invest in a Life Coach? Or what I believe is better viewed as a Success Coach, whose aim is all about coaching you to your version of success. Being your source of inspiration, kicking your ass when it’s needed, reminding you of the big picture, and pushing you to think bigger in order to achieve better.

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