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With my guidance, let's achieve the milestones that truly matter to you

Let’s team up and shatter the barriers holding you back from reaching your full potential with a customized plan of actionable steps to achieve your goals and my resources to keep you on track – we will overcome every challenge and aim for success while maintaining happiness and fulfilment throughout the journey.

I’m Anthony Ikin , and I’ve achieved things I once thought were impossible.

If I can do it, so can you!

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Anthony's unwavering passion and dedication to inspire others to chase their dreams and pursue their passions is nothing short of remarkable. His guidance and support have completely transformed my mindset, giving me the confidence and drive to chase after anything I put my mind to. Since working with him, I've created my very own empire, and I owe it all to Anthony's unwavering encouragement and unmatched expertise. If you're looking to achieve extraordinary results in your life, look no further than Anthony - he will help you shatter your limits and unlock your greatest potential.

Amy Morrison

This man is a game-changer - he has completely transformed my life and set me on a path towards living my true purpose. With his expert guidance and unwavering support, he provided me with the clarity and confidence needed to take big leaps and achieve massive success. Thanks to his motivational coaching, I am on fire and have unlocked the power of pursuing my dreams. If you're ready to live your best life, look no further than working with Anthony - he will give you the tools and mindset needed to make your wildest dreams a reality.

Priyesh Patel

This is YOUR life

"It's time to break free and start playing it on YOUR terms."

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"Say YES to an extraordinary life and start it living on your own terms TODAY"

Say YES to a dynamic and invigorating speaker who will ignite a fire in the hearts of your audience, leaving them uplifted and motivated to conquer any challenge that comes their way - Anthony's engaging and powerful delivery will move the crowd emotionally and physically, generating an electric energy that will inspire attendees to move confidently towards their dreams, armed with the tools to achieve anything they set their minds to. Everyone will leave your event with a smile on their face, a newfound passion for achieving their goals, and a spring in their step.

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Are you ready to unlock your true potential and reach unprecedented heights of success? Look no further - with Anthony's expert one-on-one coaching, you can achieve unstoppable confidence and unlock the key to living your best life. Anthony's authentic and welcoming nature, combined with his self-development expertise, will inspire you to embrace your full potential and adopt a "can-do" attitude that will radiate throughout every aspect of your life. He has coached everyone from professional athletes and celebrities to companies and individuals simply looking to elevate their lives. Say goodbye to self-doubt and embrace unshakeable confidence with Anthony's guidance.

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Anthony is on a mission to make a positive impact on the world by dedicating his Fridays to philanthropy. Drawing from his own experiences of overcoming bullying, struggles with sexuality, and the pervasive effects of peer pressure, he provides support and guidance to people who may be experiencing similar challenges. With a genuine desire to help others live happier, more fulfilling lives, Anthony is committed to helping individuals break free from the pressures of judgment and move confidently towards a future filled with success, joy, and self-love.

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Anthony Ikin

is an in-demand Global Speaker and a Life Coach working with clients ranging from businesses big and small to all kinds of individuals.
He has built and sold a highly successful dance school Ikin Dance; he’s appeared as a competitor on the renowned National TV show; So You Think You Can Dance? and is a former World Aerobic Champion.
Anthony’s superpower is his ability to really connect with people, motivate them and help them feel more confident. He’s spent his life going after and achieving his own goals and now Anthony is helping others achieve theirs too. He has the drive of an elite athlete, an Aussie “no worries” attitude and the energy, skill and experience to really move you.

If you’re on the hunt for an Australian life coach, career coach, leadership coach, performance coach, relationship coach (personal or professional), inspiration, self-confidence, or even needing real help with kicking a bad habit, anxiety or fears, then Anthony Ikin is your guy. Why wait another day when help is a few clicks away. Book your FREE 30 minute consultation call today!

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