Inspiration, Energy, Experience

Anthony Ikin is a world-class entertainer who infuses vitality, joy, and experience into his motivational and keynote speeches, inspiring audiences worldwide. In his first TEDx talk, he taught crowds how to overcome bullying and release judgement, all while having a fantastic time. Anthony's message encourages individuals to embrace their individuality, harness the power within, and strive for unstoppable self-confidence and incredible success.


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Anthony's infectious energy and insight inspire positive change and unleash potential

Prepare to be inspired and motivated like never before! Anthony Ikin is a dynamic keynote speaker who will ignite the atmosphere and leave you with a renewed passion for life. With boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, he will connect with your audience on a deeply personal level and empower them to achieve their goals. Whether you need to reignite your team’s passion, inspire attendees at a major event or conference, or simply motivate individuals to unleash their full potential, Anthony has got you covered. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience!

Inspiration, Energy, Experience

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Motivational Speaking for Public and Online Events

Anthony Ikin is the ideal fit, whether you’re hoping to motivate your staff, inspire your students or ensure your conference is a success. He’s just as engaging online as in person, with the flexibility (literally!) to adapt to the needs of any event. While his home base is Australia, Anthony is available for events worldwide. Bookings are available for 30 or 60-minute sessions, live in person at your location or via video link online.

If you’re searching for the best inspirational speaker, keynote speaker or even an event MC, Anthony Ikin is your guy. He oozes confidence and enthusiasm, so you can be sure he’ll have your audience hooked and focused the entire time. He will go the extra distance to make your event a success, keeping everything running smoothly and on time.

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Anthony Ikin

is an in-demand Global Speaker and a Success Coach working with clients ranging from big and small businesses to all kinds of individuals.
He has run a highly successful dance school Ikin Dance; he’s appeared as a competitor on the renowned National TV show; So You Think You Can Dance? and is a former World Aerobic Champion.
Anthony’s superpower is his ability to really connect with people, motivate them and help them feel good. He’s spent his life going after and achieving his own goals, and now Anthony is assisting others to achieve theirs too. He has the drive of an elite athlete, an Aussie “no worries” attitude and the energy, skill and experience to really move you.

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