Keynote Speaker Australia

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 30 July 2021

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“As a keynote speaker in Australia, I bring loads of energy, laughter and joy to the process of powerful, transformative learning.”


Inspiration, Energise, Experience

Not only as a keynote speaker in Australia, but also a world-class entertainer, I bring loads of vitality, insight and experience to all of my keynote speeches. Which always inspire and galvanise audiences all around the globe. My first TEDx talk had crowds learning how to release judgement and overcome bullying – whilst having a fantastic time in the process! I am now encouraging people everywhere to embrace the power of the ‘YET’ mindset. In turn, move beyond fear and head straight for total success and happiness overload.


Keynote Speaker Australia

A Keynote Speaker NOT Like Any Other

As a unique keynote speaker, I have always been able to easily connect with audiences in an authentic way. Word on the street is that I have been blessed with a warm and infectious exuberance. Also, the natural ability to meaningfully relate with people from all walks of life. Everyone at your event is sure to feel energised, encouraged and entertained when I hit that stage, or camera lens. My presentations are equal parts heart-warming, relatable and some say, hilarious. As well as being renowned for getting audiences up on their feet, dancing and having so much fun.


Keynote Speaker Australia

Keynote Speaking for In-Person and Online Events

People say that Anthony Ikin from Ikin Achieve is the ideal fit, whether you’re hoping to motivate your staff, inspire your students or ensure your conference is a success. I can be as engaging online as in person with the flexibility (literally!) to adapt to the needs of any event. While my home base is Australia, I am available for keynote speaking events all across the English-speaking world. Bookings are available for 30 or 60-minute sessions, in person or online.

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