The Break Down of YET

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 7 June 2021

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In a previous post I shared with you a mindset that I have developed over time and successfully implemented into my life – A “Yet” Mindset. Below you will see the break down of YET – letter by letter.

Being told you can’t, or it’s not possible, no matter how big or small your dream or goal is, cuts deep. Devastatingly, a lot of the time it comes from our family or closest friends, the ones we expect the most love and support from! It’s so deflating, you feel defeated and totally unsupported. That initial dream, goal or passion – squashed – right before your eyes! Giving up becomes the easy, automatic option. But it doesn’t have to be! Using just that one syllable and 3 letter word “YET” the next time you hear “can’t”… changes everything!

The Break Down of YET

Let me tell you the breakdown of YET. This mindset can have more impact in your life than you know. 

Y : YES (or YASSS for me)!

Take on saying an enthusiastic, open-minded YES to opportunities you’re presented with, without knee jerk negative assumptions as to how they’re going to turn out.

All too often, we abruptly say no to opportunity due to our overwhelming fear of failure! I’ve been there!

It’s your life, and you only get one shot at it! It’s flying by right now and is full of opportunities you desire, and opportunities you really deserve. So, start saying YES and living your life the way YOU want to STARTING NOW. Be a YES person, even when a NO is you’re automatic response! Say yes to life – for you,  from you!!!

Life changing opportunities surround us, you’ll see, when you just start by saying YES! 


So, you’ve finally started saying YES to stuff, and you’re still fearful, but also somewhat excited! You’ve convinced yourself in the potential the opportunity has for you and your life… you can visualise and feel the possibility of success ahead.

Well, now it’s time to express it! To start telling people around you, the ones most important to you! And you make sure you express it to them.


Your tribe is so much more influential and more powerful than you think or give them credit for!

There’s a quote I’ve never forgotten since I first heard it. “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. You’re the average of YOUR TRIBE!  Have a think about that for a second…

Who do you spend most of your time with??? What kind of conversations do you have with them??? Do your 5, your tribe – inspire you, challenge you, push you? 

If they do, that’s AWESOME! If not – get a new 5! That sounds harsh right? I’m not saying cull people from your life, or stop talking to your old friends, but am I saying are these people positive influences in your life or are they bringing you down? You need to choose wisely who you spend most of your time and energy with. Make your tribe have a really positive impact on your life, make those people push you, inspire you, challenge you… Make them your success cheerleaders! Why? because you are the average of your tribe.


Do you know why most people shut down your ideas? It’s because you haven’t told them the truth, the whole truth, the full version. You haven’t told them why the opportunity is so important to you, why pursuing it means so much to you. You’ve told them the really watered down and smallest and most boring possible version. So why would that version inspire anyone else?

Inspire others like you’ve inspired yourself! And there’s a bonus to doing this… it makes it ‘real’. You’ve announced it, the big version, you’ve declared it… And now you’ve got people to hold you accountable to it!

So, say YES, and express it BIG to your peeps, enthusiastically… and what I mean by peeps is:

Ant x

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By Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

Anthony Ikin is an Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach. His Achievements Include Aerobics World Champion, Moulin Rouge Can-Can and Danseur Soloist, So You Think You Can Dance’ Top 10 Performer, Associate Choreographer of the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony, a Jay Shetty Certified Coach, Graduate of Yale University Science of Well Being, Holds a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Was The Owner of Ikin Dance 2001-2018, Gymnastics Australia Athlete and Coach of the Year, and is the Owner of Global Dance Pro 2018-present.