Australia’s Best Motivational Speakers (2021)

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 17 July 2021

  • INIKIN Achieve

Australian motivational speakers provide so much more than just talk!


Whether you are looking to drive change in your organisation, reset your company’s goals, or trying to re-motivate your team who are struggling to hold onto their previous performance levels in a post-COVID-19, post-lockdown environment, consider bringing in one of Australia’s best motivational speakers.

The land down under is blessed for inspiring talent. Here are 6 of Australia’s best motivational speakers you should consider bringing in to kick-off a major initiative or for your next company event.

  1. Anthony Ikin: Aerobics World Champion

Australia’s Best Motivational Speakers - Anthony Ikin

Anthony understands the power of a hard-work mindset better than many. His drive to succeed propelled him to World Aerobics Champion, saw him perform solo in the iconic Paris Moulin Rouge, and choreograph the closing ceremony of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Yet Anthony’s fears and failures and how he’s learned to deal with them have enriched his outlook on life. It’s his philosophy of working through those tough aspects of life that sets Anthony apart, underpinning a champion’s mindset that anyone can successfully learn.

Word on the street is that Ant did his first TEDx talk and had the whole crowd on their feet. This lucky audience also learnt how to release judgement and overcome bullying – whilst having a fantastic time in the process!

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  1. Vinh Giang: Magician & Entrepreneur 

Australia’s Best Motivational Speakers - Vinh Giang

Following their dream, Vinh and three of his good friends abandoned professional careers in accounting and pharmacy. Together, they built an online platform to teach magic. To date, they’ve helped more than 800,000 students from all around the world.

Vinh insists common threads link the worlds of magic and business. These threads are defined by a heightened sense of timing, disciplined practice and developing skills. It’s all about generating momentum and understanding how to influence and persuade an audience. Vinh weaves those strands effortlessly together inspire your audience to take action. Lifting audiences up and leaving them immersed in wonder and empowerment.

  1. Nic Vujicic: Born Without Limbs

Australia’s Best Motivational Speakers - Nic Vujicic

Take a moment to think about how you would get through your hectic day without arms or legs. Picture how successful you’d be without the ability to care for your basic needs, to walk to embrace friends and family.

Meet Nicholas Vujicic. Nick was born without arms and legs. Yet he refused to allow his physical condition to define him. Today, Nick travels the world sharing his story with millions, speaking to groups as diverse as business professionals, students, teachers, church congregations and young people from all backgrounds.

  1. Warren Mcdonald: Mountain Climber & Double Above Knee Amputee

Australia’s Best Motivational Speakers - Warren Mcdonald

How do you build resilience in times of extraordinary change? If we can’t see where it is we need to go, our chances of getting there are slim!

Navigating change, and overcoming the challenges that accompany it, involves: addressing the root cause of why we often find ourselves disengaged. Warren is brilliant at hitting “reset” on how your team perceives their role. Expect them to come away engaged, inspired, and keen to apply fresh perspectives to action.

  1. Mark Mathews: Big Wave Surfer

Australia’s Best Motivational Speakers - Mark MatthewsLiving a life beyond fear is one of our most confronting dilemmas. Mathews’ surfer chill vibe and magnetic charisma, has entranced leading companies worldwide.

Obsessed with the connection between fulfillment, high performance, and personal growth, Mathews offers life-affirming ways to adapt to stress and tap into our underlying sense of wonder. His approach to harnessing emotion and cultivating resilience surfaces through his personalised techniques in how to successfully sustain long-term performance by strengthening one’s mindset.

  1. Gill Hicks: London 7.7.2005 Survivor and Founder M.A.D for Peach

Australia’s Best Motivational Speakers - Gill HicksJust because I can’t feel the ground, doesn’t mean it’s not there insists Gill Hicks. One of the most positive, powerful and thought-provoking speakers in Australia and the UK. She is a passionate advocate for sustainable peace and in countering violent extremism.

Permanently injured in the London terrorist bombings on July 7th, 2005, Gill is much more than a survivor. She brings to life topics such as developing trust and confidence in ourselves, to position us to choose transformative choices. Gill passionately advocates for more self-confident communities, societies and nations.

Final Observation

So if you want to provide inspiration or inject some fresh ideas into your teams, think about using one of Australia’s best motivational speakers at your next strategy conference or team event. Not only can they boost motivation levels while getting your message across, but a passionate motivational speaker will also leave your audience feeling energised and inspired to refresh their way of thinking. Now isn’t that a great return on your investment?