Trick Your Train Of Thought

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 4 March 2021

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Thank you for following me on this journey to a more fun filled and positive life! Who doesn’t want that?!

This week I want to share with you a simple tool I use in my ever-growing tool box to improve my own positivity and general happiness – how to trick your train of thought.

I’m guilty of this, and I would put money on it that you are too – when we think of the past we mainly focus on the negatives and regrets. We cringe!  And when we think of the future we focus on the worries and worst case scenarios? It’s just how we’re wired as humans. 

Trick Your Train Of Thought

Tricky Training Tools

The tool I’ve been using of late to trick my train of thought is this: When a negative memory or thought comes to mind, instantly replace it with one that you’re proud of – one the puts a huge smile on your face (and trust me there are plenty).


Whenever worry or stress consumes you, instantly replace that forward thought with one of: positive possibility, filled with all the amazing outcomes that could arise in your future.

Negativity, worry and even anxiety are experiences usually brought on by ourselves and we eat them up – just like junk food. For the week ahead I encourage you all to take on a healthy mindset just like you would a healthy eating plan. Get your mind busy with replacing your thoughts of the past from negative/cringe worthy ones, to memories full of: joy, laughter, love and celebrations. Start to take on forward thinking your future to one of huge success, happiness and abundance.

Now that you are aware of this tool, start to catch yourself in the act. This week when distractive thoughts creep in to your mind, act on it using these tools.  

Trick Your Train Of Thought

I am very excited to be launching my latest group coaching series:

Dear Me, I love you.

I promise to deliver:
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As a motivational speaker and life coach, I tend to bring lots of energy, laughter and joy to the process of powerful, transformative thinking. Find out all about me here!

Ant x