Best Business and Life Coaches (2021)

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 26 October 2021

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From Surviving To Thriving:

Post-Covid business and life Coaches Are Emerging As Business Critical.

As Australia emerges blinking and confused into a post-lockdown world, many people are turning to best business and life coaches to rediscover hope and direction to fuel their personal and professional goals.

Businesses experience with COVID has fast-forwarded well-being from a nice to have to a key pillar of many organisations’ agendas as many seek to rebuild their revenues. Increasingly, wellbeing programs are business-critical for nurturing productivity as it ramps up and ensuring staff engagement and retention.

Wellbeing: What is it and why does it matter?

Wellbeing is typically defined as having five key dimensions: relationships, health, professional careers, finance, and neighbourhood networks. You could add recreation or fun and personal development to your list. In essence, well-being involves having sufficient essential factors to make life enjoyable.

As research shows, well-being can profoundly impact productivity, motivation and thus business profitability. Employees who are content with their quality of life demonstrate superior performance and greater job satisfaction.

Here are 5 of Australia’s very best business and life coaches:

1. Anthony Ikin

Best Business and Life Coaches

Anthony’s unique take on success coaching combines channeling joy and laughter with effective techniques to help you define your goals. Demonstrating wellness is not all about work, Anthony dedicates his Fridays to making a positive difference in the lives of people struggling to overcome peer pressure, sexuality or bullying.

Anthony understands the potential of fostering a mindset centered on hard work. Yet his fears and failures and how he adapted and learned to cope with them have enhanced his outlook on life. His philosophy of working through those tough times gives Anthony a unique perspective – creating the foundation for a world-class mindset open to anyone.

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2. Jade Green

Best Business and Life Coaches

Jade promotes ‘Happiness’ as the greatest productivity hack on the path to company profitability. For years Jade worked to encourage business leaders to tackle the world. So her infectious energy means she’s no stranger to helping people find their calling.

Her strategy is to focus on two areas: What roadblocks need to be removed? What can you do to inspire yourself and your team? The first step is to encourage people to re-examine their culture to ensure it welcomes team members at every level, to show up every day and do their best.

3. Julie Rice

Best Business and Life Coaches

If your burning desires are truly worth pursuing and doing something about, and you’re tired of feeling stuck and are ready to make a big change in your life – Julie has a wealth of experience to help you on your journey. She specialises in helping people overcome obstacles. Make the necessary changes they need to change their mindset and behaviour to effect the transformation they need to fulfil their true potential.

She is big on hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is a psychological tactic. It’s evidence-based knowledge of how we develop ingrained habits and behavioural patterns that are distilled into customised coaching programs. In turn, designed to help you make those life changes you find so challenging.

4. Geoff Kelly

Geoff is an executive coach, in-demand speaker, and writer and on the art of persuasion, leadership influence, and applying leadership communication to achieving business results. A frequent speaker at professional associations and national conferences, Geoff teaches strategic communication at a Masters level at LaTrobe University.

Before launching his coaching practice, Geoff worked for 4 of Australia’s largest corporations and ran a global professional services firm in Melbourne. Geoff’s driving focus is unlocking his clients potential. He firmly believes there is always more value we can reap in any situation.

5. Pam Usher

After an action-packed 25 years, first as a CEO, then as a coach and mentor nurturing a raft of different organisations and people throughout Australia. Pam has evolved and bench-tested techniques to ensure profitability is a key focus within a business. Ensuring the team is productive and engaged, and also who stay and grow with the company, are particularly crucial in a time of chronic skills shortages.

Driving an organisation’s revenue growth increase of 700% and profitability by 30% in a highly competitive commercial environment was one of many successes Pam has enjoyed.

Final Observation

So what can an organisation do to arrest talent churn and engage their employees’ wellbeing? How do you find the coach you need to remove those roadblocks to success? The answer could lie in embracing the post-pandemic shift from workplace centric to workforce centric!

Be Productive Get Creative

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 27 September 2021

  • INIKIN Achieve

Be more creative than you are productive! 🧐

I’m so guilty of composing daily TO-DO lists with lots of little and BIG things that need to get done that day, and gleefully ticking them off as I go ✅

The sense of accomplishment is real. But on the contrary, you’re missing out on SO MUCH!

Be Productive Get Creative

The things that work for me…

What I’ve recently implemented into my day-to-day life has really worked wonders for my career.

Start the day off (at least the first few hours of awake time) on your work day by being creative in your zone of genius. That is doing the 3 things in your job that you’re BEST at and ENJOY doing the most.

For me this is:

– Network with new and existing clients.
– Drum up new business ideas and plans.
– Solve any existing business headaches.

Be Productive Get Creative

I’ve gained new clients, made my businesses stand out, and massively eased my work stresses. Furthermore, that mundane to-do-list still gets done, just later in the day after I’ve achieved all the BIG stuff.

Try it out for yourself – Be Productive Get Creative!

Ant 💙

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Improve Your Life

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 9 September 2021

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IMPROVE YOUR LIFE by Improving your Language

Let me ask you this… What version of yourself do you broadcast to the world? 

More often than not, we shy away from sharing our success in public. Most of us even do the opposite and talk ourselves down to our peers.
Who’s guilty of partially sharing their success and following it up with a knee-jerk negative comment? 

I am 🙋🏻‍♂️

Shift Your Focus

Lately, I have been focusing on how I show up for myself. I’ve worked on what language I reiterate to myself through self-talk, and how I broadcast to those around me.

Improve Your Life

I Choose…

To speak with more confidence.
To no longer shy away from sharing my success.
To open up about how excited I am for what’s ahead.
(Isn’t that what manifestation is at it’s core?)

When I look back on times of when I have shared big goals with confidence, it’s not surprising to discover that I ended up achieving them.

Improve Your Life

Be proud of your successes, speak your truth and use language that works on bettering your life.

Ant 💙

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Ikin Achieve | Anthony Ikin – Success/Life Coach, Keynote/Guest Speaker, Event MC

Naomi Osaka

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 25 August 2021

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Bravo Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka

One of the world’s best athletes, Naomi Osaka, would literally rather withdraw from a grand slam tournament than have to talk to the press. People have been scrutinising what that says about her, but I think it might be worth asking: What does it say about us?

Me Personally

Those who know me personally can attest to me having a strong (sometimes “woke”) opinion on things. Naomi’s story really impacted me to the core. I have taken a step back and tried to asses the situation from both sides, but I keep coming back to a person’s mental health and their decision to put it above everything else IS PARAMOUNT. If we don’t decide to put our own mental health first, who will?  

Number 1 Fan

I’m a big fan of sports, in particular tennis, and I am saddened to watch a tournament go on without one of the greats. But one of the greats just portrayed one of the greatest and most important messages of them all, and to that I say “bravo Naomi.”

Mental health IS health. Health first.

Ant 💙

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Valuable Life Tips FOR YOU

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 6 August 2021

  • INIKIN Achieve

“Live by what you value, not by what you think”.


If what you VALUE is honesty, trust, compassion, optimism, success… then live your life that way! Let your values dictate your actions. 

Our THOUGHTS can be a toxic mess at the best of times, and more often than not the thoughts turn into unfavourable actions.

Try make a list of what you value, then let those same values rule each day, every day.

Valuable Life Tips FOR YOU

“Be a good person, but don’t waste your time trying to prove it” – Paulo Coelho

Remember this… A few simple words cleverly put together can massively impact your day! 

I try my best (most times) to be a really good person, but I am also guilty of trying to show off that good person to the world so that he’s known, appreciated and validated.  I’d just like to thank Paulo Coelho for his beautiful words that reminded me to just be good, for the sake of being good, without needing anything in return.


(It’s really not that hard)

Ant 💙

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Valuable Life Tips FOR YOU | Ikin Achieve (Anthony Ikin)

Rehearse FEAR

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 20 July 2021

  • INIKIN Achieve

Questions, Questions, Questions …

When people know you’re a Motivational Speaker and a Life Coach, you often attract a lot of questions. Some really bizarre ones, especially if where you are involves alcohol! However, more often than not, the most commonly asked question is (in a roundabout kind of way) “I’m scared to take the risk… what should I do?”

This question arises in all stages of life. Whether it comes up in relation to business, relationships, finance, health or even as simple as deciding whether to go to a function where you know hardly anyone. This question appears in the form of fear.

Rehearse FEAR

Throughout my life…

I’ve seen a fairly common theme of FEAR. It started when I was a kid and it’s still sometimes true today, whereby I had so many fears that almost stopped me from doing what I needed and wanted to do… so many fears! You probably won’t believe me, but deep down one of my biggest fears growing up was – being seen as too gay… too girly… too flamboyant!!!!  You see, it’s in our human nature to want to both blend in and stand out.  

Lessons Learnt…

What I learnt later in life was how to lean into my fears, to not be afraid of them, but to instead own them in order to understand them. Sometimes when we are afraid it is because we are afraid of judgement, we are afraid of getting hurt or suffering a financial loss, or for even standing out too much or not enough. These little niggles of our conscience can tell us all the reasons NOT to do something. However, what I have learnt is to take a moment – breathe it all in and then listen out for the part of your intuition that reminds you WHY you are taking the step FORWARD.

Rehearse FEAR

Grow Into Yourself

I’ve developed confidence with most of the things I do, through practice. I’m so rehearsed at having fear, and moving forward anyway. For example: when I was afraid of opening up my new business ‘Ikin Achieve‘ for fear of failure, I acknowledged those thoughts and instead listened to the voice inside me that said ‘I can do this.’ It helped me understand that if I took this leap,  I would be able to reach thousands of people to inspire them to be their most authentic, lovable and motivating selves each day.

Try Doing This…

Rehearse Fear!! Acknowledge it, and move forward regardless… And over time, rehearsal after rehearsal, you will watch that fear evaporate right before your very eyes. Then your own successes will instead take flight!

There is a little mantra I want you to remind yourself the next time you have a moment of fear. F.E.A.R has two meanings – Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours!

Ant x

Wherever you’re living, it’s easy and convenient to connect with the inspiration and motivation you need to take your success story to the next level. You can choose to MEET ME in person or online. Your first 30-minute discovery session with me will be completely FREE, after which you can book in for 60 minutes a week in blocks of 3, 6 or 12 months.

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Make Change Happen

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 5 July 2021

  • INIKIN Achieve

“Dr. Joe Dispenza is someone that has really impacted the way I see my life.”


I want to share with you a tool that I have learnt from one of his incredibly powerful videos.

Did you know…

On average, we can have any where from 60 to 70,000 thoughts every single day. Around 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as yesterday. This means that those same thoughts result in the same feelings, that create the same actions, that produce the same results. So, without interjecting any change in to our life, we are going to receive.. the same results.

Life on repeat

Most of us don’t want the same results. We want more success, more happiness, better life experiences, but we we fail to take action to make these changes happen. We fall in to the same routine by waking up on the same side of the bed, mindlessly brush our teeth, eat the same breakfast at the same time, drive the same way to work, listen to the same radio station en-route, call the same people and so on.

It’s time to shake things up

It’s time to declare transformation, and for that to happen you need to actively make changes to the parts of your life that don’t lead to bringing you the success and fulfilment you are craving.

“As long as you think equal to everything that you know, everything the same, and you know your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, then you’ll keep creating more of the SAME” – Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Question yourself…

Why are we so reluctant to change? What are we so afraid of? Why are we so afraid of breaking out from our monotonous routines?

We are afraid of the what if’s, but what we should really fear is being in the same place for the next 5 – 20 years of our lives.

So what is the tool I want you all to take on, starting RIGHT NOW?  You guessed it… CHANGE!

Listen to new things, engage with different people, research contrasting content, try an unfamiliar workout, cook something brand new, visit a never before seen destination…. Why?  Because when you broaden your horizons, you broaden your future.

Ant x

Make Change Happen

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The Olympian Mindset 🥇

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 29 June 2021

  • INIKIN Achieve

I’ll admit it… I am Olympics obsessed!!! All week, I have been religiously watching the USA swimming and track and field trials – and absolutely loving every minute of it!

The Olympian Mindset

One word… Obsessed!

As I watch with a keen eye, I feel my heart racing as if I am in the race. I experience the highs and lows as I see the results unfold right before my eyes. I am more than a sports fan, but an Olympics obsessor! I’ve even co-ordinated my family’s next 2 week hotel quarantine stint in Australia around the Tokyo Olympics dates. Because the thought of a 2 week isolation whilst the Olympics is on is my idea of HEAVEN!

One of the loves of my life

What I love about the Olympics is parallel to what I love about life. It’s the unforeseen challenges, the competition, feelings of elatedness, belonging to a team, the focus, precision, respect and recognition… The odds of making an Olympic team are 0.0013% or 1 in 562,400 chances. It’s seemingly impossible to most, but ‘most’ is not where the dreams of Olympic Athletes success happen. Olympians don’t think like most people. I truly believe that the power of “The Olympian Mindset” is the unspoken training that many athletes miss – and therefore lose out on their dreams.

The Olympian Mindset

This type of mindset means that the Olympics are today, they’re tomorrow, they were last Monday, and they were last June. Because when you’re living in a world where everything you do today is going to affect you four years from now, three years from now, or whenever you see that gold medal around your neck, EVERY SECOND COUNTS.

For an athlete in pursuit of ultimate Olympic success, this type of mindset is GOLD.

What is an Olympian’s mindset?

So what is this Gold you ask?

What is an Olympian’s mindset?

🏅It’s the ability to learn and grow from your mistakes. To spend less time beating yourself up and to spend more time actioning how you will overcome them.

🏅An incredible drive and work ethic. A motivational drive that fulfills you to get up at the crack of dawn. To say no to the things in life that don’t benefit you and your dreams.

🏅To make choices that are right for your end result. To have a future vision that helps you navigate through your everyday life in order to live your ultimate life.

🏅Passion for what you’re doing!


🏅A great coach!

In sport, we rely on coaches to ensure better performance, but in life, we don’t. Why not? Why do we not invest in a Life Coach? Or what I believe is better viewed as a Success Coach, whose aim is all about coaching you to your version of success. Being your source of inspiration, kicking your ass when it’s needed, reminding you of the big picture, and pushing you to think bigger in order to achieve better.

Are you intrigued of how I can benefit you yet?  Book me today for a FREE 30 min discovery call.  I’ll give you a great shot at achieving all the success you desire. It just takes the right tricks of the trade, and I’ve learnt them all!

Ant X

Success Coach | Life Coach – Ikin Achieve

YOUR Time for YOU 💥

  • BY:Anthony Ikin - Australian Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

  • ON 21 June 2021

  • INIKIN Achieve

Remember that massive smile that you would get as a kid when you were told “it’s play time”? The sound of the bell that said it’s your time for you and you can do anything you like?

This week, I was reminded of that feeling. That joy you can have in your life when you follow your passion, and the power we can feel when we relive them. Your time for you! The older we get the bigger the box we place ourselves in. The rules of what we “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do grows, and we forget the amazing impact of fulfilling our passions can bring.

YOUR Time for YOU

Have you heard yet?

You may have seen or heard that I started my new coaching series ‘Dear Me, I love you’ a little while back. I always like to prepare as best I can. I have researched and looked at study guides, asked my friends certain questions, and so much more. However, I choose not to prepare every single aspect, as group coaching environments lead you in directions you don’t even plan for. It’s actually one of my favourite things that happens in this kind of environment!

After my first session with the group, one of the tasks I gave them all was to write out a list of all the things they were passionate about. They had to be things that weren’t depicted by other people, or perceptions. They had to be passions decided by you, for you!

Practice what you preach!

I always practice what I preach, so I made my very own list and on that list was jumping on a trampoline. I used to LOVE doing this as a kid! Hours and hours would go by and I would be flipping, smiling and staring into the sky. It has always been so meditative for me. So, back to the trampoline I went after years of not doing it. It was absolute heaven! I felt like my 10 year old self again, and it enhanced my mood for the entire week. 

I challenge YOU

This week, I challenge you to first write a list of all the things you are/were passionate about, the things you LOVE doing for yourself. Then secondly: choose 1 or 2 of those activities on there and go and do them. Be in the moment and take it all in with a BIG smile! 

Something I always tell my clients when I work with them is: “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, create the perfect moment”.

Ant x 

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